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♡ 10 Reasons to Own a Chanel Flap Bag ♡

1✱They’re just going to go up in price later.

2✱Owning one is like getting into one of the most exclusive sororities on campus.

3✱So many designers have been “inspired” by the flap – if you’re going to pay big bucks, get the original.

4✱Buy a flap bag in caviar leather and it will likely outlive me and you both.

5✱Despite their cultural ubiquity, the bags themselves are still too price-prohibitive for everyone to own.

6✱The Chanel Boy Bag changed the game.

7✱Chanel bags have the wait lists that no one talks about.

8✱There are more choices now than ever before.

9✱There’s a healthy vintage market for Chanel bags.

10✱Chanel is magic.

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♡ 10 個買 CHANEL flap bag 的理由 ♡

2✱擁有一個 CHANEL 就像進入校園最COOL 的學會。

3✱所以許多設計師都被FLAP“啟發” – 如果你要支付大塊錢,你應該買一個原創的。



6✱CHANEL Boy 包包改變了整個遊戲。




10✱CHANEL是 magic。