✦ mintage.co ✦ aims to deliver premium products to you. our professional team carefully select the best vintage goods for our customers all over the world. here’s the condition scales provided by our partners on vintage / pre-owned products. this scale is accepted worldwide.

————-❅ product rank ❅————-

✱Brand new ⇢ brand new, never been used
✱Rank SA ⇢ same as new, without flaws or signs of use ( mint or excellent condition)
✱Rank A ⇢ almost new, with very minor/hardly noticeable flaws
✱Rank AB ⇢ good condition, with minor but negligible signs of use
✱Rank B ⇢ good condition, with some signs of use ( e.g slightly wear on edges and handles)

✦ mintage.co ✦ 致力為您提供我們團隊精心挑選的優良復古產品,復古或二手產品的狀況等級是獲得世界認可。

————— ❅產品狀況❅ —————

✱新品 ⇢ 全新,未被使用過
✱等級SA ⇢ 接近新品的狀態,沒有花痕和用過的痕跡
✱等級 A ⇢ 接近新品的狀態,但有一點點花痕,商品的整體狀況優良。
✱等級 AB ⇢ 些微的傷痕與污漬,看的出來有輕微使用過的痕跡。
✱等級 B ⇢ 整體有傷痕與污漬,手把或角位有使用過的痕跡。