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♡ Top 5 Reasons To Buy a Vintage Chanel Bag ♡

1. It’s a classic. A beautiful Chanel bag will Never go out of style.

2. Quality. Vintage Chanel bags are for the most part leather lined & feature gold plated hardware. Each bag is handmade by an incredibly talented artisan. These bags last.

3. An Investment Piece. Chanel continues to raise their bag prices. The Price for a current Chanel medium classic flap is now up to $4900. While the current Chanel bags continue to rise in value, you’ll be happy to know the Vintage Chanel Bags do as well!

4. Not wait List. if you are looking for a specific color and style of new Chanel bag, you are most likely going to have to wait. Wait lists are not uncommon in today’s world of designer handbags.

5. When you buy a Vintage Chanel bag, it will be unique to you. Even though the classic Chanel flap bag or 2.55 has not changed much over the years, Chanel has always made colors specific to certain years and little details have changed. For example the CC markings even the shape of the early CC’s is slightly different. Many fabrics and colors are limited edition, so when you buy a vintage bag you most likely aren’t going to see the same bag on another person! How cool is that?

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♡ 購買VINTAGE CHANEL 五個主要原因 ♡

1. VINTAGE CHANEL 永遠不會過時,永遠不會OUTDATED,是永遠經典的代表作。

2. 質素保證。 購買 VINTAGE CHANEL包包的原因也是因為皮革和鍍金硬件。 每個包都是由一個非常有才華的工匠手工製作。

3. 投資保值的產品。當前 CHANEL 中型經典 flap bag 的價格現在高達4900美元。 雖然目前的 CHANEL 包包的價值繼續上升,你會很高興知道 vintage CHANEL 也會因此而繼續上升!

4. 永遠沒有 waiting list 。如果你正在尋找一個特定的顏色和風格的brand new CHANEL,你很有可能要等待。waiting list 在今天的 designer bag 世界裡並不罕見。

5. 當你購買 vintage CHANEL 時,她便是你獨一無二的包包。經典的CHANEL flag bag 或2.55多年來沒有改變太多,CHANEL 總是做出特定的年份的特定顏色,很少細節改變。 例如CC標記甚至早期CC的形狀只是略有不同。 許多皮革和顏色也是限量版,所以當你買一個 vintage CHANEL 時,你很可能不會看到其他人有同款的手袋!